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*NEW* We offer new monthly AIR CARGO services since June 2018.

We plan to increase our total cargo capacity in the near future, currently we have a limited amount of kilos available.Call Aisha to ask for our rates.

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Door to door service all over the UK

​If you have a little box or a whole van of goods to ship, we come to collect it from your doorstep.

Our collection trips inculde the main towns and cities in the United Kingdom :


- LONDON area & South UK

- BRISTOL, CARDIFF & sourroundings



Call Aisha to book a collection 07871103529

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Collecting vehicles from every location in the  UK

Do you have a vehicle to ship to the Gambia? Just contact us. Our prices are really affordable, starting from £550 (only shipping costs).

Clearance costs (Gambian custom fees for the vehicle) are not included in the shipping costs.

We take in charge everything, from collecting it, to its clearance at Banjul port, if you wish. Payment plan at your convenience. We ship it at the promised date, NO DELAY.


What we take care of if requested:

- insurance for the day of collection

- trade number plates if vehicle isn't having MOT/TAX

- collecting it and driving it to Birmingham, keeping it in a secure place untill date of shipping

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Free text updates about
collections in your area
 & tracking your cargo

All the information you need are directly sent to your phone for FREE  if you are on our customer list: new COLLECTION dates, TRACKING your cargo from the UK to its arrival in Gambia, AIR FREIGHT dates, all at your finger tips in seconds.

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We sell empty plastic barrels for £30, which you can fill and ship with us the same day. They can be used again in Africa as safe water container or any other product.

Call Aisha to order an empty barrel 07871103529

Plastic barrels for sale

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