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Air freight from UK to Gambia & from Gambia to UK

Our aim is to offer you a regular and quick way to send your goods to Gambia on a weekly basis.

However it takes about 7 days to reach the UK or Gambia compared to the express air freight (also called GP, meaning a luggage taken by a person travelling to or from Gambia)

rules & regulations

Safety rules
or all customer's goods safety and protection we have to control ALL the content of your packages.

Content rules

🚫 Caution :No Aerosols, No fresh or half dried foods, No oil, No perfumes, No handsanitizers
For ethical/religious reasons we DON'T send
*real or artificial hair/wigs ,  eyelashes & nails
* skin bleaching products

* goods containing drinkable alcohol, non halal meat products, tobacco (or any smoking related products, like e-cigarettes )
* JUJUs, amulets and religious charms

* indecent items/material


Only includes freight from our Gambian office to our Birmingham office, postage to your address NOT included.

💷£12 per kilo UK to GAMBIA , Gambia to UK
🧾 or equiva
lent of £12 in Dalasi per kilo GAMBIA to UK 

⌚£10 Smartwatch

📱£20 Any Android or  iPhone Mobiles per piece (including its accessories: earphones, charger)

📲£25 Tablets
💻£70 laptops 
📜£20 documents 
📗£20 passport

💳 Payment required on  dropping off

Postage fees to your UK address

(DHL next working day)

0 -10 kg > £10

11- 15 kg > £15

16 - 25 kg > £20

UK BRANCHES drop off & pickup 
Deadline every MONDAY 1pm

in Birmingham 07871103529

Arrival the following Monday at our Gambian office


Deadline every WEDNESDAY

in Serrekunda/Churchills Town  7732633

Arrival the following Wednesday or Thursday in Birmingham 

To avoid any delay in us contacting you please advise your sender in Gambia to write a note with your name/mobile nbr / full UK address inside the package.

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